The Firm

O'Brien & Partners was established in Melbourne as a chartered accountancy practice in 1980, providing the traditional suite of accounting, taxation and audit services. These services remain the core of the practice today.

However, as the profession adopted a wider advisory and consulting framework from the 90’s, so the nature of the services provided by O'B&P was extended to include business valuations, merger and acquisition advice and a range of management consulting services.

In addition to offering a wide range of ongoing business services, the firm also regularly undertakes special assignments such as coordination of public company floats, project management for business establishment and property development. It also provides asset management on behalf of overseas based clients.

To supplement its in house resources, the firm has developed relationships with an extensive range of lawyers, barristers and other business professionals who are consulted for expert advice when and where required.

Throughout the years of operation, the partners have sought to retain the boutique nature of the firm. Utilizing a policy of engaging personnel with multiple skills, the growth in practice size and resultant overheads have been managed. Partners and senior staff retain a close relationship with clients and obtain the satisfaction which comes from a personal involvement in service delivery.

At O'B&P, we are result driven, we are committed to assisting our clients to succeed and we enjoy what we do.

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